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1) The act of, relating to, or given to walking about;
2) Moving or traveling from place to place to freekin place;
3) Snooking around touching every damned thing around;
4) Cant sit still or settle down; and
5) Constantly, without rest, surveying, reconing, and otherwise annoying the hell out of everyone by any of the above actions.
1) Your two year old is is a damned peripatetic, he just cant sit still and is always ge'in into shit. Itinerant.

2) Billy Ho is the best peripatetic I know -- He is all up in the bitches: hitt'in them here -- Tapp'in that ass there....

by Biatch551 December 31, 2005
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A euphemism for β€œkill me” now that composting oneself after one’s death has become popular.
All right, why don’t you just compost me?
by Dr Bunnygirl March 22, 2020
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