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Perfectly Normal Beast

A quadriped with rather odd migratory habits that grazes across the Lamuellan land, providing sustenance for its inhabitants and sandwich meat for the Sandwich Maker. A Perfectly Normal Beast is a bit like a cow, or rather a bull. Kind of like a buffalo in fact. Large, charging sort of animal. They come from a point slightly to the east of the Hondo Mountains, where they suddenly appear. Then they sweep in their thousands across the great Anhondo Plains, and, well, vanish really. There are about six days in which to catch as many of them as possible before they disappear. In the spring they do it again, only the other way around.
Small birds can be used to distract the perfectly normal beast.

There is nothing unusual about the perfectly normal beast; it is the ineffable will of Bob.

I think they call them perfectly normal beasts because otherwise they might think it's a bit odd.
by Kakapo March 27, 2009
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