Amazing M&S sweets that aren't the same anywhere. You're a twat if you don't eat the ears before the face. Never try to open them in a silent area though...
Going to shop in M&S, not because I'm rich and white, just for the Percy pigs.
by cactus12347 April 2, 2020
When one politely offers an enforcement officer (generally police) a Percy Pig. Unbeknown the officer, the bag if sweets is also filled with ecstasy pills.

This type of activity is popular among ravers and free party culture.
"Would you like a Percy Pig?" "Why yes please, law-abiding citizen".
by Storm Anomaly November 12, 2019
The legendary M&S sweet that should go down in history.
‘You got any sweets mate?’ ‘Yeah I got some Percy Pigs’
by Girlsworld246 July 20, 2018