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Used in Army Special Forces community as the ficticous name for about 14 or 15 counties of North Carolina.

While going through Special Forces training the final element is a several week long exercise called Robin Sage. It takes place in these counties of N.C. During the exercise you plan and carry out operations as though you're in the imaginary People's Republic of Pineland. The exercise starts with a parachute infiltration of Pineland followed by a series of exercises training "guerillas" operating in the area.

Every once in a while a soldier going through the SF Q course will accidentally interact with a local who doesn't realize their in Pineland. But most of the locals in the community will particiapte in the exercise playing civilians and are aware the Army uses the area they live in for training. A local sherrif once shot a couple soldiers who thought he was part of the exercise after they tried to bribe him with Pineland money.
Soldier 1: how ya doing buddy?

Soldier 2: got my ass through SERE, now its on to the People's Republic of Pineland and I'm done.
by infantryscoming August 19, 2010
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