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A term used humorously and seriously to describe the oftentimes "Un American" intrusive, overregulatory, and overbearing activities of the state and local governments in the state of New Jersey. Used typically in the context of overtaxation, de facto denial of second amendment rights via foot dragging in issuance of FID (Firearm Identification Card), and oftentimes overbearing environmental regulation.
In other words, a "regime" that blatantly disregards the constitution and acts as a quasi independent entity. Also known as People's Socialist Republic of New Jersey, People's Socialist Republik of New Jersey, People's Democratik Republik Of New Jersey or variations thereof. Usuually abbreviated as PRNJ, PSRNJ, and variations thereof.
Dammit my taxes went up without me having a say in it. These corrupt politicians in the People's Republic Of New Jersey are like dictators.

New Jersey is not America, hence we call it the People's Republic of New Jersey.

Just because gays can have civil unions, doesn't make the People's Republic Of New Jersey a welcome place for most individuals.

Why anyone in their right mind would willingly live in the People's Republic of New Jersey and submit to onerous regulations of their daily lives is utterly and completely beyond comprehension.
by LONFOG April 09, 2010
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