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The most notorious apartment complex in Central Pennsylvania. Known for the good weed, Bad bitches, E&J, and parties. Half the complex is pregnant and they don't know who the dad is. There is a stabbing every day and a shootout every other day. There is a High School on one side and an elementary school on the other side. What great Locations!
Person A: My nig where you be at
Person B: aww im at the end of pennswoods. why whats up?
Person A: Yo im trying to get some kill
Person B: yo you got that 20 ill give you some of that 420 shit
Person A: good loookin nigga come by my place in 5

6 minutes later...
Person A takes person B's weed, money, and anything else valuable and shoots the motherfucker
by anonymous39527937 December 16, 2009
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