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Penn Township is a village in western Pennsylvania and just so happens to be the home of the biggest asshole police officers you will ever meet...EVER. They hold bias against certain people, pull you over for not doing anything, think they're above the law, etc. They're so bored because of the lack of actual crime in the area, they will question people riding their bikes at the park for christ's sake! Also, the LOVE to make up their own laws! Riding a motorbike on private property? Yep, they'll question you. Taking your friend home on your motorcycle, which, may I add, has a valid license plate with current registration stickers? They'll hold up traffic on one of the busiest roads in the fucking area to tell you you can't ride it, even though you can and it's perfectly legal. That's a prime example of their bias, and of course, making up their own laws. And everyone in the area is in on it too, so if you try to get them to drop the charges you got for something completely stupid and half made-up, it's fucking impossible. It's impossible to avoid them, too, since everyone in the area is a stuck up bitch and calls them the second your fucking dog barks or someone beeps their fucking horn. I can't wait to leave this place, and I wouldn't suggest living or driving through it. I hope they read this, maybe it will give them a reality check, they really need it.
*Sitting in my driveway with 2 or 3 friends, all on motorbikes*

*Penn Township Police whip into my driveway*

Me: "Uh, can I help you..?"

Cop: "Yeah"...*some bullshit about riding illegally on my own property*

Me: "Actually, this is private property..."

Cop: "Oh, well I'm still going to take down you and all of your friend's information for the third time this week because I think I'm above the law."
by merolab~ February 27, 2013
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