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Schema using size as the basis for classifying the penises of mankind. Originally applied to South Asia, it was later expanded to the whole of mankind.
The 3 Aryan castes rank as follows: the 4.5 inch `White' Brahmin Penis is smallest, followed by the 6 in. `Pink' Kshatriya Penis & the 7.5 in. `Yellow' Vaishya Penis. Largest of all is the `Black' 9 in. Shudra Penis of the Dravidians:
"In accordance, Hindoo males were thus categorized:
Shushah (hare man), the beau ideal of manhood. He is lithe & strong. Being the counterpart of Pudminee & a Brahmin, his penis corresponds in erection with the yoni {vagina}. It is is small (two or three inches), & proportionately thin.
Mrigah (buck man), the perfection of warriors. He is fleet & graceful. Being the counterpart of Chitrinee & a Kshatriya, his penis is slightly thicker & longer, four or five inches.
Vrishubha (bull man), the tough muscular artisan type. Being the counterpart of Sunkhinee, his penis is (for a merchant) from six to seven inches in length or (for an agriculturist) from seven to eight.
Ushvah (stallion man), the most coarse & vulgar of the group. He is worthless & indolent save for propagating his kind. Being the counterpart of Hustinee & of the servile {ie. Shudra} caste, he has adorning his body a nine to ten-inch, wrist-thick tassel; & his seminal water flows like the Ganges in flood." (Ananga-Ranga, in: 'The Jewel in the Lotus' Allen Edwardes. NY: Julian Press, 1959, p.60).
1. "The ingenious Hindus have actually developed a kind of secondary caste system based on penile size, as described by Allen Edwardes in The Jewel in the Lotus" ('Playboy's book of forbidden words', Robert Anton Wilson. NY: Playboy Press, Simon & Schuster, 1972, p.165).
2. Thomas describes the Penis Caste System: "The classification of the male is mainly based on the length of the membrum virile. The smaller & thinner the member, the better the man. The four types of men are:
(1) Shasha or Hare Man: This type is gracefully built though strong ... He is the correct mate for Padmini.
(2) Mirga or Buck Man: The Buck is something of a he-man ... A warrior by nature, he respects the gods & elders ... The Buck is the man for Chitrini.
(3) Vrishabha or Bull Man: The Bull is a rough & ready type ... He is the male counterpart of the Samkhini.
(4) Asva or Stallion Man: This is an ugly type of man with long limbs, coarse hair, uneven teeth & a broad, scaly chest ... Blessed with a phallus nine inches long, he has only contempt for the frail Padmini, but loves to mate with large women of the Hastini type.
These four types, more or less, correspond to the four castes of the Hindus. The Hare corresponds to the Brahmin, the Buck to the Kshatriya, the Bull to the Vaishya & the Stallion to the degraded Sudra." - ('Kama Kalpa; or The Hindu ritual of love', Paul Thomas, 12th ed., Bombay: D. B. Taraporevala, 1960, p.79).
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