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The consistant thrusting and pummeling of the vagina vivaciously during an act of sex. When a person, usually a female, gets a "penis pumbleing" the person usually can not walk correctly for a week or two. If they can walk straight, then you either:
A. Suck at having sex
B. Have a small penis
C. Both
Rondel:"Damn! Look at how Mary is walking! Her legs are all spaced out and shit... it's like she has a huge stick in her ass or something. Hey James, where did you say you were last night?"

James:"I was at Mary's house. Why? Oh, I see. Yeah man... check it, I gave Mary such a penis pumbleing in her cock canyon that she'll never forget... trust me. She was screamin like if I had just stuck a Rhino in her through her ass."
by James izzle April 23, 2005
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