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Pronounced (PEE-NUY-PA-NI-NI)- An Italian style grilled sandwich, in which men's erect members (penises) are placed between to pieces of fresh bread. It is recommended to for the well endowed men to ingest an erectile stimulant such as Viagra or Cialis to help with the longevity of their erections while the sandwich is being pressed in a panini maker. If you do not have a panini maker, a George Forman grill will work as well. The Peni Panini is best served hot with tomato and fresh mozzarella. Manga.
"Dude, me, Ted, and Bill got all wrecked last night with Lisa. Lisa was drinking vodka, aka slut juice, and she started to get really hungry for cock. Needless to say, one wasn't enough. So four of us went back to my place and Lisa proceded to gobble down the Peni Panini that we served her with.
by PMOses November 10, 2010
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