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"i was lik, wow, onli 5$?! buh later i foun out it was jus pencil shavings"
by kloo December 03, 2003
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by Francesco II March 20, 2021
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A pencil is a slang word for penis.
A pencil sharpener is a slang word for vagina.
Pencil shavings is a slang word for cum.

e.g When a man and a woman have sex, the man sticks his pencil into the woman's pencil sharpener and they have sex. After a while, pencil shavings explode out of the pencil and into the pencil sharpener.
by wills0 July 27, 2009
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Pencil Shaving: When one of your female friends tries to act intelligent but ends up looking like an absolute spazmoid.
Abbie: Did you guys know that vaccines cause autism?
Jake: You do realise that's completely wrong right? There are studies to prove it you absolute pencil shaving
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by Clit_B4n9 July 16, 2019
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