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The Pellsibubb, the very secret word of God.
Have you ever heard it? - Probably not. Do not get upset, Pellsibubb is only used in the lost Swedish religion, which is not to be spoken of ever again, sworn by the "P.R" them selfs.

Do not connect The Pellsibubb with Belzibub, this have no relations with other cultures or religions but for the old Swedish what so ever.

If you have heard of The Pellsibubb over the internet or by friends, you might just get the information of a Guy in Sweden, who have the only right to call Himself The Pellsibubb, "the messiahs", who is said to be a relative of The Pellsibubb family to begin. Again, do not connect with other religions.
The Pellsibubb has an aura around Himself to connect people, making them "positive".
Which means in other words that, people around Him wants to know Him, see Him, be with Him.

The Pellsibubb is said to have the power to stop war and hate, only by passing by.
by Just a Guy in Sweden.. February 04, 2010
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