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A positive way of referring to someone that you love with all your heart when they are on their best behavior, well behaved, good. Always said in the most loving way to a very special person in your life. For example, your bestest friend in the entire world.

Note: Not to be confused with "Pecola" (the opposite of Pekkle) aka bratty, misbehaving, smart mouthed, tantrum throwing

You may say "pek" for short, but it is not encouraged to say the word twice (pek pek) because this means something inappropriate in Tagalog. However, based off of your sense of humor, might actually be quite hilarious.

Also, "Pekklito" is referred to an adorable, sweet, smaller, but very rotund, version of a Pekkle. Pekklitos definitely have more a "cutest thing in the world" factor to them.
"Tash is always so wonderful. What a cute Pekkle she is. Unlike Pat, who is always acting like a real Pecola. Yuck."

"Hey Pek, I miss your face so much!!"

"Wow, that little ball of joy ate so much and was happy. Cutest little Pekklito I have ever seen."
by Bells:O:> December 02, 2013
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