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To have an adverse affect on a computer resource because you A) don't fully understand the application that you're using; B) don't possess the good grasp of the operating system you're using it on the way you think you do; C) don't have a functional understand of how a network functions; D) haven't involved the correct people in your "project" who can help you with any of those things; and E) screw up a production service or services as a result of the above because you "Pegged" a computer resource that wasn't designed to do what you're expecting to do in the first place.
"Uh oh, the datacenter DS3 utilitization just jumped from 5% to 100% utilization."

"Already looking into it... looks like the SMS server again. Probably deploying OS patches."

"I thought they scheduled that to take place at 3AM."

"Musta been Peggulated."
by Jehster July 10, 2008
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