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A sexual mishap that can occur during pegging or vanilla anal sex. This is where you engage anally with a partner, but they have not cleaned their rectum properly with an enema or douching before engaging in the activities. Subsequently when pulling your penis or strap on out of the anus it is coated in a thick layer of faecal matter making it look like a chocolate pudding. The effects can be amplified if their stool is quite loose, for example due to eating Yeo Valley yoghurt in the hour preceding coital relations.

The word takes its roots from pegging, hence the "peg" at the start but over time has transcended into normal anal sex as well.
"I was getting pegged by Carla on the weekend after eating a whole tub of Yeo Valley and it ended in a Peg 'n' Pud. Jeez that was messy! I had to bleach the sheets afterwards."
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by Azbo The Great! March 10, 2017
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