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a chlamydia looking, donkey shit smelling substance.
its origins are unknown although some believe it's from a gay mans testicles. after birds and rats have made sex in his ass, the juices run down his scrotum and are absorbed into the nuts. when the faggot cums, the curse is unleashed.
some bizarre and extreme cases are ones in which yetis face fuck elves and their little pricks fall off and turn into pee pee stinky.

the answer to all of lives problems.
damn, my roomie smells like pee pee stinky. he never fuckin showers.

holy shit, that girl was gettin wet and i looked down and saw that pee pee stinky.

Room off spot due to PEE PEE STINKY.

Fuck me runnin! i was just shot 20 times. PEE PEE STINKY!
by Joe "Ratboi" Ratly September 25, 2010
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