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This is an uncommon form of disease that is usually involved with a male and female in a long-term/serious relationship. It involves the female becoming obsessed with the male to the point where she has to wear a 20" strap-on dildo in order to keep the male locked down. This disease can include the following: looking like a married couple, very quiet, keep to themselves, maybe encounter them once a blue moon, being denied of buying a paintball gun, single people being denied to go anywhere with them such as a trip because they are not in the choir, little fun, yelling and very serious. Couples with this syndrome usually block out everything else in their lives besides themselves, but what we must not forget, is that these people don't realize what they have. For the people that don’t have this disease must know is that, these kind tend to criticize or cut up people who are single or who have a normal relationship, without realizing that they are losing their lives to this madness. For these people, they should wake up and watch the sun shine past through their windows in the morning, everyday realizing, that they are slowing losing their past, whether it be friends, hobbies, or activities. This is a very sad situation, and no one in the right mind wants to ever catch this terrible disease.
Male A - "Oh, Shannon....i'm going to the guyzz house for some poker tonight if that's alright with you"
Female A - "I dont think so Benjamin, come over here, ill be punishing you tonight for even asking me that"

Male B - "Wow, thats sweet, i wanna get a gun like that"
Female B - "Excuse me Albert, you are not buying no gun when your suppossed to be buying me a purse tomorrow"

Single A - "Hey guyzz, guess what, im coming on the trip"
Female A - "No your not, your gonna ruin this trip for us all, and your not even in the choir"
Single A - "K, so ill join the choir, im a natural singer"
Friend A - "Relax, whats wrong with Max coming, jeez"

Male B - "Alright, im going home cause im getting tired and wanna go to bed"
Single A - "Oh wow, is it your bed time already baby, stop lying and play some poker"
Male B - "oh hi, ya i love you to, alright im on my way (he says in a gayish voice)"
Single A - "Where you going now, i thought you were tired"
Male B - "Ya sorry, but i have to go and kiss Elizabeth goodnite, or ill never hear the end of it"

Friends at poker night - "HAHA, i can't believe they have Peckerwood syndrome"
by WallyGlen March 18, 2008
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