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A poular women's fashion trend of the nineteen-eighties.

In it's infancy the peach nightmare often took the form of jumpsuits usually with shoulder pads and a gathered waist often worn with a belt and co-ordinating plastic earclips, but the trend for peach quickly crossing over into formalwear; with prom dresses and party frocks almost all becoming peach nightmares by 1985.

During the mid 80's few weddings took place in the western world without the bridesmaids wearing peach nightmares, unless the bride was wearing one. Peach-coloured simulated pearls were popularized around the same time.

In the last quarter of the decade even the power-dressers embraced the peach nightmare, with two-piece business suits in peach becoming a popular choice, these were usually worn with oversized gold-tone costume jewellery.

By the end of the decade the peach nightmare was over.
Two friends chatting while enjoying a couple of cherry cokes:

Friend one: Did you see Moonlighting last night?

Friend two: Yeah, Cybil Shepard was smokin' hot even in that peach nightmare she had on.
by ReaganDays September 15, 2011
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