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A typically Southern dish from the US, made of drained green peas from the can covered with a sauce made of: 1 part mayo, 2 parts ranch (give or take according to taste), and a sprinkling of garlic seasoning. Though it's not often done and considered more a family tradition than a legit part of the recipe, adding 2 parts vinegar to the mix gives the concoction a very appealing taste. Eaten often with a dish like chicken and yellow rice. Served chilled.

Some families in the South began making this dish decades ago when money was tight because it was easy to make, tasty, and relatively cost-effective. Relatively unknown in other parts of the country and in the South itself.
Me: Mm! Thanks for the Pea Salad dad! Needs just a bit more vinegar, though.

Dad: Doh!
by MapleMattie September 22, 2010
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