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The Pazananack is a rare and unique astonishing creature. This creature is said to be both cunning and charming. This beast cannot be tamed by a mere mortal man or a mortal woman.

As legend has it, there can only be one Pazananack in existence at a time, for if two were to exist mass chaos would erupt and the world as we know it would end. Those searching for this creature of legend will never find it, the Pazananack will find you. If you happen to cross paths with this beast it is only because the Pazananack wished to cross paths with you.

It is often claimed that "The Most Interesting Man In The World" was based off of the Pazananack.
Some random party in the United States

Random Guy A: "Hey over there by the blonde, is that..."

Random Guy B: "Yes...yes it is, that is the wild Pazananack in its natural habitat."

Random Guy A: "I thought the Pazananack only existed in myth."

Random Guy B: "That's what I thought at one time too."

Random Guy A: "Looks like we were both wrong!"
by DaMastaOfDisasta March 30, 2011
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