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A common known street gang that completely resides in the state of Indiana. Started to mock well known rapper Wiz Khalifa's following Taylor Gang . Although the word Paylor is considered an acronym, the initial letters have yet to be revealed to the common public. Paylor Gang or PGOD is often quoted in many freestyles and songs by certain up and coming Fort Wayne, Indiana rappers. Members of Paylor Gang often flaunt their "hollywood status" by placing the word paylor in all of their social networking accounts. For example "Jon iz Paylor". Paylor Gang is probably best known for coming up with witty, intelligent ways for someone to die. For example "Paylor Gang or walk into oncoming traffic." Paylor Gang is known to have been started by two Original members or OG's, although they prefer for their names not be released. One of the leading members has been quoted saying "Don't focus on us, Paylor is for the people... the chosen people that is."
I'm so Paylor Gang it's a Goddamn shame.

It's Paylo Gang bitch.
"Dont believe in love, just believe in Paylor... shoutout to all my bitches, cocksuckers and haters."
by TheTruth909 September 09, 2011
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