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High school outside of the run down city of Dallas Georgia that consists of large population of African Americans and trashy whites. Both groups try to avoid each other with the exception of a few racially confused but at the intersection of halls where the old section meets the new, confrontation can not be avoided due to the high traffic flow that leads to the unintended groping of every student at one point in time. The Magnet program, a poor excuse to raise beyond poor test scores, brings in a large population of students who do not want to be there from around the county. Mag Fags as they are referred to have some sense that they are better than the general population simply because they rank high in class ranks. Generally, teachers do not care about students and receive most of their income by spouses who actually have real jobs in which they do real things other than sitting back in office chairs for 7 hours each day. Athletics are hard to come by at the school as school pride is non existent as well as any sort of athleticism. Football had its hey day before any of the current students were conceived and the only decent program is the undefeated rifle team fueled by hot headed white trash who were raised with beer in hand and trigger in the other.
Went to Paulding County High School today and saw 12 roller back packs, 5 wads of dip on the floor, 1 weave extension in the sink and lots of camo!
by apollo15 January 27, 2015
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