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Commonly known as PMill or PMS, this high school is, with out a doubt, the most fucked up high school in the state of Maryland. This joke of a school is run by happy and cheery principal Wayne D. Thibeault who is questionably on crack. He thinks that the students are his children and the school is his home and no one would be surprised if he actually sleeps there at night. And I'm sure every student who attends there knows that creepy smile of his that make you think he's going to rape you when you're not looking. The rest of the Patterson staff is filled with child molesters, homosexuals, and a man who looks like Hitler. Patterson Mill is filled with alcoholics, pot heads, and white trash. But mostly white trash. The girls are all dirty sluts that love to send nudes, get wasted at parties, and suck the football team's dicks. The guys love to walk the halls, acting like they're black, screaming BURR like its no one's business. The football team thinks they're the shit with their cheap tattoos and their Gucci music blaring out of their mini vans. These students are great role models for the middle school youngsters right up stairs who will, in a few years, become druggies and whores just like the high school kids. This school is also pathetic in every sport, so don't be intimidated when you see that your school is playing the Huskies next week. So if you love drugs, partying, and sex, Patterson Mill is the place for you.
Patterson Mill Middle/High School alcoholics Gucci PMS crack
by Nad Nerb February 13, 2010
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