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This is when you’re feed is in a pattern. For example, the first 3x3 set will be symbolic of life. Water and sun on the first column, green trees on the other 2 columns. There is multiple patterns in a set. Including filters, placement of your body, whether you’re closer in the pic or further away and much more. Patterns can be in columns and rows. Typical sets are 3x3. You can use tags to show the pattern and symbolism. After you get to around 7 posts out of the 9 in the set, the pattern should be visibly noticeable.
Instagram: thepatternposter
Pattern posting: the act of diligently planning and posting in a 3x3 pattern on Instagram. Typically showing the correlation of pattern and symbolism in your tags on the first photo. If you do this you are considered a Pattern Poster

Example: His insta is really cool because he pattern posts.
by Gregory Ferrara January 08, 2019
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