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A game in which two or more people patronise each other in post after post on an internet thread, quickly losing any trace of coherent, respectful argument and regressing to child-like personal attacks.
"Hey man, check out this thread I just cut from the comment feed on that educaton reform piece I wrote. Patro-tennis all the way. Sigh. Why is it so hard to people to argue respectfully, in a way that indicates they're actually interested in challenging their own views and learning from each other?!"
User 1:

"The above article is patently absurd. Why should the tax payer EVER have to pay for other people's education?! The fact that there is someone out there who even thinks these things is very, very worrying indeed. The idiots are winning."

User 2:
"@User 1: I assume you didn't actually read the article because if you had, you'd see that the third paragraph clearly explains different payment options that don't resort to tax dollars. I think you need your eyes checked?"

User 1:

"Son, you must be very young indeed. Whenever the government talks about education reform, it ALWAYS means more tax dollars. Get back to me in 20 years and I might be interested in your ideas, if you're even capable of growing up, that is."

User 2:
"Fuck you."

User 1:
"So's your face!"
by StatusNouveau January 11, 2010
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