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Euphanism for any sexually explicit act by those connected to the armed forces of America. If one rips his BDU pants, and walks around watch with cock flopping, he just "Patriot's Choiced" the floor. Alternatively, if a troop has fornicated with a female, he is said to have "Patriot's Choiced" her. Lastly, if a troop is caught SCIFterbating, it could be said he was "Patriot's Choicing" himself in the bathroom.
1) Hey Blue Water?! Why is SAG drooling over at you in the section? Are you Patriots Choicing again? Cover that shit up man!
2) I got drunk off Purple Nurple, and Patriot's Choiced an oriental whore in my Transmaro
3) You hear about Petey? That mother fucker went Section 8. Crazy fucker was Patriot's Choicing, 8,9, up to 10 fucking times a day. Had orders to Hawaii too man...
by BLUE_WATER November 14, 2011
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