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A term used amongst professional developers to describe the dance performed by wannabe or "cowboy" developers after delivering a project to a client in a half-finished, dysfunctional or even completely different state from that which the client had originally requested.

The process leading up to the patni dance begins when, having had received a comprehensive project brief from the client which they did not understand in the slightest, the "cowboy" will confidently proclaim their expert ability to complete the project months before the deadline and for a nominal cost.

Months or even years past the deadline and usually hundreds of thousands of $$$ over budget when the client asks the "cowboy" developer where the fuck the project is, they are met with a half-finished, ultra crappy piece of shit which the "cowboy" developer then claims is "completed to spec" - leaving the client with no other choice but to either put that shit in the bin or spend even more $$$ on fixing it up.

It is at this point that the "cowboy" developer performs the patni dance to signify their pure belief that they have delivered an "aw3s0me 1337 mad" project and have "aw3s0me 1337 mad" developer skills.

To see the patni dance, search for "It's Always Sunny... Dancing Guy" on YouTube.
Professional developers: "Mother fuckers are doing a patni dance on us!"

Clients: "Fucking cunts gave us a piece of shit we can't even use! Why didn't we just listen to advice and spend a bit more at the start to get a professional developer? Too deep in the shit now, we're pwnd"

Cowboy developer: "Woot - my projectz is sooo aWWw33s00m33 1337 - here iz da codez! payz me l0tsAA4 moni3s n0w! - Ima bust my patni dance n0w!! PWN"
by tinker_town22 June 02, 2010
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