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A person that cheats (in relationships is the most common) excessively to get what they want. with no regard for others. there is also Compulsive Cheater which is similar accept its more of a habit to them, they have less control over it. Pathological Cheater has more control over it and knows what they are doing and do it anyway at whatever cost. Usually with either "disorder"/"symptom" it will be accompanied with pathological lying and compulsive lying.

(may include all or some)

-has cell phone locked and wont let you near their phone (includes going out of their way to make sure it wouldnt be an easy task to get near their phone)
-ignores your calls but never has a straight story as to where they were(goes with lying)
-blocks certain things from you besides their phone (facebook, myspace, live journal, aim... ect)
-smells like another male/female
-doesnt know your number
-lies..... A LOT!
-they come off distant, maybe not as sexual
-they prefer to be at your place over theirs
-you dont know any of their friends or maybe just 1 or 2
i knew he was a pathological cheater when i saw emails from another woman saying 'i love you' to him all the time and no negative reaction in response
by snagglepuss731 October 25, 2010
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