Don't play it you will end up with 10,000 hrs of gameplay, carpnal tunnel, headache, and an addiction
Person 1: I've been playing Path of exile recently ever heard of it?
Person 2: Oh no! Don't play that game I played it last year and my wrist fell off.
by Help my wrist fell off May 16, 2021
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a very good arpg, considerably better than diablo.
Man, the Fall of Oriath update of Path Of Exile really got diablo's arse kicked!
by Hyrri Echoprism March 19, 2017
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An arpg game attempt made by fat man Chris Wilson. Lacking in any genuine and interesting gameplay experience, it can be defined by its autistic player base, delusional developers and absurd monetization practices.
I didn't enjoy it, but I kept playing and playing and I sorely regret it. Don't end up like me. Don't play Path of exile.
by Norwegian Priest July 30, 2018
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A waaaaaaaaaaay better use of time than Rust
Path of Exile (PoE) is better than Rust in every way.
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