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Mother of all sorts of bars.
From granolar bars to metal bars.
Wrappers are made out of human skins and when the wrappers are being opened, it releases a German-like aroma that pleases everyone. This bar can be found in many German Grocerierie Stores (including Bareuther and his familes' store) and the cost varies from $0.99 to $2.69. There are 3 different flavours: Patquaker, Patsalamiandbutter and FatPat. Patsalamiandbutter is strongly recommended among many customers, becasue of its unique but weird combination of salami and butter (no human ever makes a sandwhich like this). Patbar was created in 1901, and they are famous for its rich history and uniuqe combinations.
Patbars are popular among homelesses.
"Do you want to go grab some patbars?"

"Stop crying, or else, i am not going to give you a patbar!"

"Oh my God! That guy has a patbar for snack, lets run away from him!!!
by PattyBar April 15, 2009
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