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Passion Dust is a dissolving capsule that contains a sweetened, glittering color additive that claims to adds sparkle to a woman's natural vaginal fluids. Passion Dust is not a "glitter bomb". Passion Dust is not a capsule that explodes, pops or bursts inside of the vagina. Passion Dust creates an attractive glittering visual effect that can be seen during and after sexual intercourse. Passion Dust is an adult novelty product item that was created by Lola-Butterflie Von-Kerius a mother of 3 in Houston, Texas. The product initially went viral online and was also made popular again
by hip-hop artist 'Cardi B' after rapping a verse in her platinum chart topping song 'Bodak Yellow' which says; "My pussy glitter as gold..." 💊💦🌈😍
Passion Dust will give you a Unicorn p****.
by Passion Dust April 21, 2018
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