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The game that pilots play after takeoff.

The rules:
1. Leave the seatbelt signs on for a good hour after takeoff.
2. Send the drinks trolly up and down the plane atleast three times.
3. Get one of the stewards or stewardesses to run through the people that they think have a good chance of getting to the toilet first via the pilots intercom.

4. Captian And First Officer take bets on who they think will reach the toilet first. The items on the cheese tray are generly used as stake.
5. The Captian turns off the seatbelt sign and the steward or stewardesses uses pilots intercom to commentate on the race.
6. The cheese is eaten by the winning better.
Stewards or Stewardesses: Captian, the seatbelt sign has been on for over an hour.

Captain: I know

Stewards or Stewardesses: Are we playing Passenger Derby?

Captain: Yes
by Douglas Richardson January 20, 2012
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