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An expression describing one's request to another, in the context of a small group participating in the operation of a cannabis vaporizer inhaler device, to pass the bag that has been inflated with the vaporized THC extracted from the herb. It is analogous to asking one to pass him or her a joint that is being shared, except in this case instead of smoking a doob the group are sharing a bag of THC once it has been detached from the vaporizer.
Adam: Hey, don't bogart that bag, leave some for the rest of us.
Debbie: Sorry dude, I never know how much I should be inhaling before it's time to pass the bag.
by Pamira's Boy July 15, 2009
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when your asking someone to pass the bag of vaped weed, you tell them "pass the bag"
"hey dude pass the bag there, thanks hey",
by bag it up September 05, 2009
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