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1.Another slang for, "let me talk" for the person passing the microphone.

2.Korean Jack Black, may be spotted around yelling at innocent kids, commonly with a bag of a chips, and uncontrollably hysterical laughs. Also attempts to dress fashionably as possible but fails miserably due to a permanent beer belly.
To pass da mike verbally.

1.Pass Da Mike: Wa!

2.Pass Da Mike:Ah Herr HarRRr!

3.Pass Da Mike:Eh Harr HaraRRr!

4.Pass Da Mike:Oh Horr HaraRRrahaa!

5.Ben; *Put's feet up*

Pass Da Mike:Put your feet down.

6.Pass Da Mike:Woo! *clap* *clap* Cmown Cmown!

7.Ayeesh Um-mah!

8.Pass Da Mike:Look in the Mirror Joyce.

Michelle: Pass da Mike! Stop being mean to my sister!

9.Pass Da Mike:Omgosh Omgosh what's that smell?

Han:I'm Saaaaw ree!

Favorite bag of chips ie.
by Pass Da Mike March 25, 2009
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