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A highschool in Northern Bergen County, New Jersey, known as Hills, shared by the two towns montvale and woodcliff lake. It is a medium sized high school that is actually in Montvale. Once freshman year comes, there is a lot of tenseness between the Woodcliff Lakers ( japs, bitches, kids sitting on huge trust funds) and Montvalers (generally pretty poor). Theres alot of shit that goes down here from drug busts to blown up drama. By junior year, kids will roll up to school in BMWs and Benzes. Superior to its rival Pascack Valley (PV) at sports, social events, and overall the life. PV kids love to act like their tough shit but really the school is made up of rednecks and fat broads. Hills overall destroys Valley. Amazing high school with kickass parties and chill people.
Chip (PV) - yeah i was at this PV game the other night, all these fine bitches (fat whores) were smoking blunts under the bleachers with me and my boys! it was great!

Jordan (Hills) - Uh gtfo Pascack Hills has amazing chicks and parties that have don't consist of 5 inbred hicks with a keg.

by caboy November 02, 2010
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