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A group of people (mainly teens) who don't give a fuck. They do what they want and they're proud of it. They're the baddest of badasses who party every night. They drink alcohol like water and smoke weed everyday. 98% Of the Party Rebel female population are bi-sexual or bi-curious. You're almost always guaranteed to see girls kiss girls when you around the Party Rebels. Adults look down on them and a lot of teens wish they could be them. Fucking with or talking shit about a Party Rebel will almost always result in your ass getting kicked. They're the life of the party and non of them are light weights. Their saying is: " There are no laws as long as you don't get caught." Their anthem is: We're Party Rebels we get fucked up and couldn't care less what you think so give me my cup and lets fucking drink.

If you can keep up with the Party Rebels, you can be a party rebel.
"Andrew: How the hell can you guys drink so much?

Michelle: We're party rebels, we drink like this every night. We're by no means light weights. "

Karren: Those Party Rebels are delinquents. Where are their parents ?

Joey: They don't listen to their parents.
by Rebel Queen July 15, 2011
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