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Party Ops or Party Operations

When you are at a party, bbq or any social gathering involving alcohol and you and your friends do not know most or all of the people there and you plot to steal any of their unopened beers/bottles.

Step 1: Asses the situation
determine the level of risk, escape route, and location of target

Step2: Formulate a Plan
by acting alone or with a group of your friends determine the way in which you will obtain said target, as well deciding if you will stash the booze at the party to drink on site or leave with later. Determine if a diversion will be necessary or if you will need to disguise the target on the way out.

Step3: make your escape

whether it be one person at a time or a mad dash for the door, get out and enjoy your recent come up.
oh man the party ops went off as planned last night, 2 twelve packs and a bottle of vodka
by Stoops Boy Man Demi June 01, 2010
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