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Someone you don't want to come to your party and purposely don't invite, but that you also don't want to tell they can't come. That person finds out about your party through the grape vine and invites themselves and does inevitably show up. The chance of the party being ruined is also significantly increased by this persons presence.
The Party Leecher calls you a few days or a week before your party to talk about something and then before hanging up says, "So I heard from (insert any name)'s brother that you are having a party. What should I bring?" You've just been, Party Leeched.

Aubs: "The fuck is that faggot doing here? He ruined the party." Jay: "I didn't invite him, he found out from someone else. And I can't tell him he can't come." Aubs: "Classic Party Leecher."
by JJ Sizzles October 27, 2010
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