A personality created by two intellegent track stars, explaining the way of life of a runner. This concept strategically combines the partying lifestyle of many teens and adults these days, with the running lifestyle of the few adults, and many teens. As many may know, there is a "Train Hard, Party Harder Personality", where runners favor their party life over the life they live on the field.

Well, this is the more serious approach on running, where after downing a few great drinks in record time, one may choose to celebrate through binge running; as opposed to justifying binge drinking as the reward for a good run or race.
You may think having the best time on the field makes you the better runner, but the most balanced runner/partier has you beat.

Slow and steady wins the race.
Jenny: Party tonight!
Gabby: Run tonight!
Jenny: Let's run to the party, and then run back! "Party hard, Run Harder Concept!"
Gabby: Well, that's just fantastic!
Jenny: Super!

Jenny: Hey, it's about time we crank out a 2 minute mile!
Gabby: No, no, Jenny. We've been running nonstop all season. We need to take a break.

Jenny: You're right.
by Nesterquat the Astronaut May 26, 2009
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