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Most often defined as girls who are just in the "prep" category because of the stereotype. They were not raised by a well established family, attended a good school, and enjoy sailing on the cape. They are basically the Anti-Prep in the Prep category. They wear what other "party preps" wear - Pink, LL Bean, A&F, Aeropostale.. but they also dress slutty. Classic preps dress very classy, Party preps dress very trashy. They can also be refered to what often is the "prep" in modern public high schools. They hate Emo kids, Scene kids, Hardxcore kids, and Straight edge kids because they don't understand why you wouldn't want to get wasted on a Friday and Saturday night and make out with your ex-bestfriend's ex. They usually wear their hair sleek straight or "Beach Wavy" which just looks like straw. Usually goes tanning and/or Highlights their hair at the salon. Wears lots of makeup and hair products because they are secretly very insecure and are just trying to play the part.
Scene Girl Wannabe - "Ew look at all those preps, I hope they get an STD.."

Hipster-Scenster - "Who? Those girls? They posted drunk pictures up last week on Facebook and their hair looked nasty...Slutty ass party prep."
by Pink Haired Hipster. January 12, 2012
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