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A model of culture and human relations based on partnership, linking, and respect. Women and men are equally valued; both men and women can be nonviolent, empathetic, and caring.

Opposite to Dominator Culture.

In a partnership system...

Humans have many possibilities.

Difference is valued.

Power is used to empower and nurture through hierarchies of actualization.

Competition means striving for excellence.

People cooperate for mutual benefit.

Economic structures are equitable.

Nature is highly valued.

Morality of sensitivity, caring, and respect.

(Based on the Center for Partnership Studies' summary of points from Riane Eisler's _The Power of Partnership_ and David Korten's _The Great Turning_)
We, too, in America are in the mist of an revolution. A transformation from a domination culture that views the world as fleeting and open to exploitation, to a partnership culture that wants its society to be permanent and seeks to partner with the world to create harmony.
(Eric Stewart)
by Grinning Cat March 28, 2013
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