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a form of epilepsy that isn't all that bad but it makes you have short, kind of uncomfortable seizures that I really would prefer to not have.

It is also slange for what Emu's do on their days off. Little known fact right there.
Ex 1: Due to my Partial Onset Epilepsy, I have seizures sometimes and they make me feel quite ill (NOT the good kind of ill). On the plus side, I get to take anti-convulsent medication with many, many side effects. It is so great.

Ex. 2: I heard that when an Emu gets a day off it is refered to as Partial Onset Epilepsy. They could have picked a better nick-name. It is so not funny to make fun of neurological disorders. Emus are all terrible.
by 2 Cool 4 School and U Know it! February 04, 2010
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