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An Armenian male with an aquiline nose and a bushy goatee; an Armenian man that is handy with fixing things; a handyman.
Razmik is a parrotfish.

Razmik can fix that door because he's such a parrotfish.
by Clare Schmare September 11, 2011
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Is a phrase to describe a male person that is a 'Social Chameleon' when around his male friends displays vulgar and unrefined behaviour, he is generally unsophisticated and has low morals. However when trying gain the affection of the opposite sex, uses superficial romantic charm to make casual acquaintance, in anticipation of sexual relations and to satisfy his narcissistic ego . The Parrot fish will become aggressive and ridicule another male that enters his space whilst conducting his performance/Act .
In the animal kingdom. A Parrott fish is a beautiful, Tropical and graceful creature underwater. Take it out of the water it is slimy nasty creature particularly against it's own gender.
He is such a good guy when he is out his buddies, but around woman he is a Parrot Fish
Look, he is Parrot fishing for that waitress.
by lolly legs February 18, 2015
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