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The most beautifully kind and inspiring individual that has ever walked this Earth. A Parney is the best roommate, eating companion, boy dominator, and friend a girl could ever ask for. Not only does she have the game plans and supreme intelligence people only dream of having, but she also has a warm and compassionate heart. It is this heart that stands Parney apart from all the others for she still keeps it and gives it away to others after all she has been through. She is what we all should aspire to be, and anyone who knows her feel so blessed to have her in his/her life. If you ever meet a Parnie, never let her go.
Guy: Woah, did you feel that gust of fresh air?
Guy 2: Nah, man. That was just the refreshing essence exuberayting from Parney as she walked by. Are you on crack?
by Heidihodie January 05, 2013
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