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Originating from the youtube account Numberphile, Doing a parker square means that you have attempt to do something but didn't quite achieve accomplishing it.
Matt: Hey Brady, I solved this sodoku puzzle !
Brady: You repeat numbers in all the columns and rows.
Matt: It still sort of counts.
Brady: Face it Matt, this is a parker square sudoku.
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An original creation or accomplishment that is almost noteworthy, but has some fundamental issue. The original creator has a false sense of pride in their work, which is ultimately not as important as they think it is.
"On average, it takes me 26 minutes and 37 seconds to drive from my apartment to work, but I discovered that if I instead take Maple St instead of going down Geneva Rd, I can save an average 12 seconds!"
"Woop-dee-doo. Good for you, Jerry, I hope you feel accomplished... What a classic Parker Square achievement..."
by Hello_Internet1729 June 05, 2016
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