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When somebody participates in the act of attempting to duplicate a once funny joke, or create their own funny joke, and completely fail. This saying can be used when a complete idiot (i.e. parker) tries to fit in with the group in order to obtain some form of popularity or acceptance because his hairy arms permit him otherwise.

Do not be fooled by 'Parkers'. Make sure to identify a parker ASAP if he is trying to be funny.
Parker: What you get when you cross an owl, and a bunjee cord?

Stover: What?

Parker: My ass! Hahahaah

Scott: Wow, parker over here...

Parker: what do you mean?

Scott: I mean you are a parker, not funny, ugly, annoying and gay.

Parker: How dare you say that about me!

Scott: Well its true... fag...

Parker: Well.. its just..

Scott: It's just... a durr durr, just what you fag?!

Parker: Well you never take me out anymore. I WANT TO FEEL LIKE A WOMAN AGAIN.

Scott: This relationship is over, fag... Don't talk to me, or try to do claymation with me.

Parker: (runs away crying)

Nick: Wow, parker over there..
by W_Supra09 November 05, 2009
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