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a bunch of fucking stupid bible loving cock suckers that tried to keep music with bad language off shelves saying it caused violence in children
Parents Music Resource Center (pmrc)

V for violence
O for references to the occult
D/A for overuse of drugs/alcohol
X for harsh sexual content

Judas Priest -- "Eat Me Alive" -- Rated X
Motley Crue --"Bastard" -- Rated V
Prince -- "Darling Nikki" -- Rated X
Sheena Easton -- "Sugar Walls" -- Rated X
W.A.S.P. -- "(Animal) F-U-C-K Like a Beast" -- Rated X
Mercyful Fate -- "Into the Coven" -- Rated O
Vanity -- "Strap on Robbie Baby" -- Rated X
Def Leppard -- "High n' Dry" -- Rated D/A
Twisted Sister -- "We're Not Gonna Take It" -- Rated V
Madonna -- "Dress You Up" -- Rated X
Cyndi Lauper -- "She Bop" -- Rated X
AC/DC -- "Let Me Put My Love Into You" -- Rated X
Black Sabbath -- "Trashed" -- Rated D/A
Mary Jane Girls -- "My House" -- Rated X
Venom -- "Possessed" -- Rated O
by ac-dc April 13, 2011
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