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Useless clutter foisted on you by your well-intentioned but misguided parents when you visit them after having moved out. Includes but not limited to: health gizmos, junk mail still received in your name at your parent's, pamphlets from their latest fixation, plastic junk of all varieties, flashlights, hopelessly lame winter clothes, tchotchkes, written instructions about how to do something simple when you get home, gadgets, doodads, and baubles of all sort.
I went home for thanksgiving and I left with a hydroflosser, three bottles of 'Dr. Jack's herbal elixer', a stack of credit card offers, all my bank statements from a checking account with 5$ in it that I don't use anymore, green microfiber fleece sweat pants, three pens with my uncle's company name on them, and a list of instructions about how to contact my insurance to inform them of change of address.

All that parentphernalia is still sitting in a box in my room.
by AnalRetentive October 01, 2012
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