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Named after someone notorious for last minute packing, Pardoel packing is the act of packing by throwing all of your belongings into a suitcase willy nilly. Actually scratch that. A suitcase implies planned packing, most likely some bags for life, maybe even bin liners will be involved.

Although Pardoel packing is time efficient the risk factor for forgetting important items such as passports is incredibly high.

If you are expecting a known Pardoel packer in your home be prepared to stock large quantities of toiletries such as toothbrushes, deodorant and shampoo as most space will be saved in the case for either extravagant cosmetics and perfume or more likely gifts from the duty free for you.

Those who partake in Pardoel packing tend to be the most wonderful of humans who are simply lacking in general organisation so do welcome them into your hearts and homes*.

*However if you have "Monica-like" organisation it is generally advised that you don't welcome Pardoel packers into your home. You're efforts to change their habits will be futile and will most likely drive you crazy.
Kellie: Have you packed for the holiday yet?

Ellie: No, I'm just going to do some Pardoel packing right before we go. Who has time for pre packing!?
by Pardoel packing May 29, 2016
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