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When someone lures you into a conversation, and you expect it to be quick, but said person doesn't stop talking. The typical "quick minute" conversation turns into non-stop talk-a-thon that makes the listener want to paint the office walls with their own brains. Typically some type of diversion is necessary for the listener to get away.
him/her: "hey, you got a second? I need to talk to you about something.. it'll be really quick."

me: "sure."

him/her: <-- talks and talks and talks and talks (doesn't shut up)

me: (inserts gun into mouth) *BOOM* *SPLAT*

friend: "OMG, Godzilla is coming out of the ocean, run!!!" (conversation ends).

Friend: "dude, you just got Parbsied!"
by Daddywouldyoulikesomesausage August 15, 2012
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